Cheapest Samsung UN46B6000 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV

Cheapest Samsung UN46B6000 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV

I read some of the reviews and concerns with this TV, because at this moment, I've only had it for two weeks, and I'm still within the 30-day return period.
I have not yet been able detect the light cones coming from the edges while watching the TV in a dark room. The stunning picture seems to me equally impressive regardless of the level of light in the room. I appreciate the review from the customer who posted his information and recommended to buy the LCD instead of the LED, but I simply have not been able detect the problem that made him return the TV. I also respect but disagree with the person who made the remarks about the bad quality of sound, and recommended not buying the sound bar. I got my TV at Best Buy and the deal I found included the sound bar with the wireless sub-woofer for free.
The TV speakers sound to me just fine, nice volume without distortion, and in combination with the sound bar the sound is as good as it gets without a full-featured high-end home theater system.
My only bad experience with this TV happened while connecting the sound bar to the TV using the supplied optical cable. The supplied cable was so short that it barely allowed the connection, and forced it to fold sharply, because the audio port on the sound bar is on the end most distant from where it is on the TV (clearly a design mismatch from Samsung). But the real problem came when sliding the optical jack into the fragile port behind the TV. Even though I was careful, I could hear a snap, and noticed that the tiny door in the optical receptacle broke off. I suspect that it may have been broken from the start, but perhaps it broke while I was making the connection. The result was a faulty connection that caused the sound bar's volume to go up and down. I had to use tape to keep the optical cable aligned in place, because the broken receptacle would not hold the optical jack firmly in place. For this reason, I brought back the TV to the store and got a replacement. This time I bought a longer optical cable and made the connection with even more care, very very slowly. I heard a click, and this time nothing was broken and the cable stayed in place. I'm now enjoying my TV with no sound problems. The sound bar not only greatly enhances the TV's sound, but also looks great, as it matches the TV's classy Touch of Color edge look. The wireless sub-woofer is not very powerful (although it is quite large and heavy) but it does help to provide a sense of bass and surround sound, as I placed it on the opposite corner of the room from the TV. It automatically connects without wires every time the sound bar is turned on.
I think that this TV along with its sound bar and sub-woofer will be a keeper. The positive by far outweighs the negative. I definitely recommend it, just be extremely careful when connecting that optical cable.Buy Samsung UN46B6000 1080p LED HDTV Lowest Price, Order Now! [Click Here!]

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