Lowest Price Samsung LN32B650 32-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV With Red Touch Of Color

Lowest Price Samsung LN32B650 32-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV With Red Touch Of Color

Bought this TV from AMAZON few days after New year and got it Free with Super Saver shipping in 7 days. Would have been 5 days except for the storm they had back east. It came double boxed with air filled packets as packing material. Some of the packets had popped resulting in some movement of the inside box but there was no damage. UPS dropped it off on my front door and I didn't have to sign anything. The whole thing weighed about 40lbs so one person could move and set this up easily.

The stand is heavy duty high tempered glass with red tinge in front. Very heavy it allows the TV to swivel left and right by loosening two screws from underneath. A plastic guide holder screwed on with 4 screws perfectly to the glass stand.(I think previous issues with regard to this has been resolved by Samsung). The TV then screwed on to the plastic guide holder with an additional 4 screws making it very secure. There is absolutely no excessive movement from the TV. You could secure the TV to wall or cabinet with a included holder but this is optional.

The TV front had a subtle red Touch of Color which really only comes out in direct light. The screen is not overly glossy and I had no problems with excessive reflections.

The TV turned on and was easily setup using plug and play within 15mins. Should be noted that the TV takes about 5 seconds to turn on with a startup melody. The TV Menu has explanations of what each feature does on the bottom which was very helpful. It does comes with 150+ paper manual half english half spanish so you could easily look up things. The TV turned off instantenously with a quick shutdown melody.

The sound which I expected to suck was surprisingly good. The speakers are downward firing and I don't know if my having the TV enclosed in a armoire is helping amplify it. I have it on SRS TruSurround for now but I think anybody with Blu-ray hooked up will certainly be looking at a surround sound setup.(You'd be stupid not to)

I hooked up my cable(NPGCable) to it directly and was impressed with how good it looked with standard definition TV. My normal viewing distance from my bed is about 10-11ft away but even closer the picture was good. The free HDTV that I was receiving was even better. I used the built in tuner to memorize all the available channels. Digital channels I noted takes just a little longer to come up when I flip channels then the standard ones. I will at a later date probably hook up my cable box to it via HDMI.

Right now I have my PS3 hooked up to it on HDMI1 and Blu-ray movies were stunning. There was no ghosting or discernible motion artifact. Picture was bright, vivid with very black blacks. My PS3 upscaled my ordinary DVDs and it's a new experience. I played BioShock and there was absolutely no problems, lags or artifact that I could detect. Perfect for gaming. There was no delay in switching to different Source from TV mode and I heard no audio pops or noise.

I registered the TV online using the web address on the front of the paper manual and the site says it was manufactured 11/30/2009. I found no need for any sort of firmware upgrade at this time.

I had looked at the Sony Bravia 32XBR9 which is selling for about $599 for quite a while. This Samsung maintained it's high price for a very long time dropping to about $799 before Christmas. When it dropped to $679 I pulled the trigger and I would encourage people to not dither and get it NOW if they are interested.

I heard about Samsungs dying in 6 months I hope this is not the case. It's a gorgeous set and highly recommended.

Thanks to AMAZON and to everybody's reviews and comments. They truly help in the purchasing decision.Buy Best Price On Samsung Ln32b650 Lowest Price, Order Now! [Click Here!]

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